Should we call it food or a health supplement?

In addition making this spice blend, and in addition to making my artwork, I am also a certified nutrition coach and have developed this spice blend out of a personal need to address my own issues stemming from gut inflammation. I learned and systematically improved this blend. For the past year and a half, I have literally cooked every savory dish I made with KK's and I can honestly say it works on everything!

With a base of high-quality salt, harvested from the sea, and no chemicals or caking agents, and a balanced blend of spices, this mix has a superior flavor that enhances the natural profile of proteins and vegetables, while it strengthens our bodies. Rich in alkalizing minerals, and essential vitamins, this mix energizes, replenishes electrolytes, fights bacterial infection, inflammation, cell oxidation, and aids with digestion.

Use for all your savory foods, eggs, meats, fish veggies, tofu, you name it! don’t add salt, and enjoy all the flavor and less sodium. Discover a modern blend of ancient anti-inflammatory and healing spices.